See It: Sanchez ‘buttfumble’ made into silent movie

By on July 2, 2013
 Mark Sanchez's infamous 'buttfumble' play is turned into a silent movie. 


Mark Sanchez’s infamous ‘buttfumble’ play is turned into a silent movie. 

Mark Sanchez just cannot escape his embarassing “buttfumble.”

As if being named SportsCenter’s “Worst of the Worst” play for 32 weeks-and-counting wasn’t bad enough, it has now been made into a silent movie on the Internet.

The infamous Thanksgiving night play was uploaded as a 30-second black-and-white video by YouTube user 20TeamSALeague on June 30 and is titled “An Unfortunate End.” The video features everything you would see in a 1920’s silent movie, with classic Benny Hill-style piano music playing and witty subtitles placed in between clips.

There’s no telling what the Internet will do with the buttfumble next, but Sanchez has a lot of work cut out for him if he does not want this to be his lasting legacy.


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