Red Sox fan awarded $4.3 million after stabbing

By on June 28, 2013
Monte Freire

Monte Freire was stabbed in the neck by a wild Yankees fan, who continued to be served alcohol at U.S.S. Chowderpot II even after warnings the drunk fan was trying to start a fight.

A Boston Red Sox fan who was harassed and stabbed in the neck by a Yankees nut at a restaurant is now a multimillionaire.

A New Haven jury awarded $ 4.3 million to victim Monte Freire in a verdict Thursday against the restaurant in Branford, Freire’s lawyer said.


Attorney Timothy Pothin said bartenders at the U.S.S. Chowderpot II kept serving the Yankees fan alcohol, despite warnings he was trying to start a fight. Freire, 45, suffered life-altering injuries, including to his brain, after John Mayor told him to get out of “Yankee territory” and then stabbed him, reports said.

The Chowderpot’s lawyer said the restaurant plans to appeal the verdict.

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