Kyrgios could learn from Superbrat: Cash

By on December 15, 2015

TENNIS legend Pat Cash says Nick Kyrgios should not dismiss the advice of John McEnroe, who labelled the controversial Australian star as a “bonehead” in a cutting attack three months ago.

While Cash has been a mentor to Kyrgios, he believes the world No.30 can learn some lessons from McEnroe, himself often ostracised for his on-court antics.

While commentating on Kyrgios’s first-round US Open loss to Andy Murray last September, McEnroe said: “You don’t want to be remembered as a clown. You want to be remembered as a player.

“I hope he learns from these bonehead moves. He should be a seed already, at least 20.

“So he better step up. Otherwise he won’t be talked about too much.

“He’s like a Vaudeville entertainer, the schtick is getting old.”

Intriguingly, McEnroe and Kyrgios will come face to face on January 11 when Sydney’s Allphones Arena hosts the Fast4 event with Team Australia (Lleyton Hewitt, Kyrgios and Cash) taking on The World (Rafael Nadal, Gael Monfils and McEnroe).

It could be an awkward encounter, but speaking from London, Cash said McEnroe had made some valid points.

“He’s been there, done that, been on the end of it,” Cash said.

Kyrgios has become better known for bag behaviour than talent.

Kyrgios has become better known for bag behaviour than talent. Source: Getty Images

“I saw John just last week, interviewed him on stage at a function actually, and I know he’s a big fan of Nick.

“John would be a good person to take advice from. Nick is his own person really, he tends to want to do it his own way.

“I remember Andre Aggasi being similar, he’d tell me things, do training stuff which made me think he was nuts. Once he told me he was flying to Las Vegas three days before the French Open, I didn’t say anything but I thought he was crazy, and he ended up making the semi-final of that tournament.

“Sometimes people feel their way is the right way.

“John has got some pretty strong opinions, but Nick is more than a Vaudeville act, he is a quality player.

“He is a different kid, he is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I understand that, but it’s the same for everyone who has been in the Australian team — you could say the same about every one of us at some stage.

“We’re like Vegemite; some people love us, some people hate us. John’s point is fair, you have to earn your stripes.

McEnroe earned the nickname “Superbrat” for his on-court behaviour.

McEnroe earned the nickname “Superbrat” for his on-court behaviour. Source: News Limited

“If you’re winning and you carry on it’s fine. But if you’re not winning — look I think Nick will be fine, he is well aware that he has to win tennis matches. And I think he will.

“He needs to be consistent to pull off a big Grand Slam win and I think he can do that. Whether he can be consistent enough to be a top five player, or No.1 in the world, I don’t know.

“I’m not even sure if Nick wants to be top fiver or No.1, maybe he doesn’t want to be.

“For me the numbers meant nothing, as much as the ATP would like to think differently, it was all about winning a Grand Slam and the rankings was a nice side thing that happened after that.

“If I was coaching him, I’d be trying to get him ready to consistent enough to win the seven successive matches you need to, to win a Grand Slam, and if you become top five in the world that is a bonus.”

Cash said the Fast4 concept, a shortened format of the game, can lure more young fans to the sport like Twenty20 has in cricket.

And he added there could be some fireworks when he plays McEnroe.

“I played him earlier this year in a tournament and he threw his racquet across the court at me — I reckon I’ll be able to get under his skin again,” Cash said | Tennis

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